Our Recharge line targets muscle recovery after intense physical activity. Fuel your post-workout needs with our oils, sports cream, and salve stick; your body will thank you.


What is Recharge?

Zeng Naturals' Recharge CBD product line is made for muscle and sports recovery. CBD is all about relaxation, and there's no greater need for muscle relaxation than after intense physical activity. Our premium CBD infused oils, salve stick, and cream were created with athletes in mind. Soothe tired muscles and get ready for your next big game or adventure with Recharge products.


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How Can CBD Help With Muscle Recovery?

Alongside other cannabinoids, CBD works as an anti-inflammatory aid. It helps with muscle recovery as it alleviates the soreness, pain, and inflammation that comes with a hard work out. With our Recharge products, your body will feel rejuvenated and energized the next time you hit the gym.

Ways to Use Recharge

If you think Recharge is exclusively for hardcore athletes, think again! Anytime you do physical activity, your muscles are in some sort of recovery. 

The possibilities of Recharge are endless. As unique as each of us are with how we choose to perform physical activity, Recharge is unique in its uses for muscle recovery. Take it wherever you go, and it will always be right there to help you recover.

CBD can help adults with recovery from:

  • sports and competitive athletics

  • the gym

  • yoga

  • swimming

  • dance class

  • hiking

  • skiing

  • cycling

  • walking

  • ... and so much more!